Acquisition of Whitworth-Borta & Co

We are excited to announce our expansion into a new state with the acquisition of Whitworth-Borta & Co., a five person aviation and planning firm located in Cleveland (Rocky River), Ohio.

Whitworth-Borta & Co. (WBIO) began in 1987 as Whitworth-Borta of Ohio, Inc., a joint venture between Michael Borta, John Whitworth and Augustine (Gus) Ubaldi to provide airside airport engineering and design to the state of Ohio. Opening the Ohio business expanded the reach of Whitworth-Borta, Inc. which was based in Michigan. Through career changes, the Michigan operations eventually closed. However, the Ohio group continued to grow and serve the Ohio market, led by Gus Ubaldi.

Please welcome to the Delta Family:

Augustine (Gus) F. Ubaldi, P.E. - Office Manager (Private Pilot)
Steven A. Potoczak - Project Manager (Commercial Rated Pilot)
Richard L. Grice - Project Manager (Private Pilot)
Gayle L. McNamara - Administrative Assistant
Michael M. Ubaldi - Engineering Technician