Lynchburg Regional Airport

Extend Runway 4, Lynchburg Regional Airport, Lynchburg, VA

Delta provided full architectural and engineering services for this project. The project included the extension of Runway 4 by 1,301 feet to provide 7,100 feet of takeoff runway length.  The project also corrected the non-standard extended RSA for Runway 22 by relocating the Runway 22 threshold by 300 feet. The extension of Runway 4 required the relocation of the airport’s existing NAVAIDs, including the MALSR, glide slope and ASOS.  Also, the Runway 4 localizer was relocated to provide a fully compliant extended runway safety area for Runway 22.  To maximize the runway length available, declared distances were established.

As a result of the added runway length and the shift in the Runway 22 threshold, the last quarter of Runway 22 did not meet FAA longitudinal gradient criteria.  To correct this condition, an overlay of approximately 1,200 feet of the runway was required.

The runway extension opened ahead of schedule in August 2007 and was accepted as substantially complete in January 2008.

The project has been recognized for an ACEC Engineering Excellence Award.