Myrtle Beach International Airport

Airport Master Plan Update, Myrtle Beach International Airport, Myrtle Beach, SC

The Airport Master Plan Update for Myrtle Beach International Airport included the standard menu of FAA funded planning elements as well as a strategic planning element. It was important to look at this tourist destination, known as the Grand Strand, relative to the region, the state and, in fact, the world.

Another significant element of the study was the evaluation of airfield capacity. Aircraft operations were close to sixty percent of the single runway airfield capacity, so alternatives for a parallel runway were developed. Adjoining the Airport was undeveloped property that could accommodate the proposed parallel runway. However, the City and the County had competing community interests which created the need for a unique public information program. This effort was undertaken, and concluded with a joint resolution adopting a plan for the future of the airport.

The adopted plan includes a parallel runway configuration and a new commercial terminal building across the airfield. An assessment of the existing terminal building revealed many inadequacies which were not conducive to expansion of the existing building. The Update also included a financial feasibility study which assessed the viability of the development program relative to airline landing fees and the airport's financial capability.