Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Runway Safety Area Extensions, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Raleigh, NC

Delta provided full architectural and engineering services for this project. This complex project was initiated by the FAA because the existing runway safety areas beyond Runway 5R and Runway 23L did not meet current FAA airport design standards.   The project consisted of the clearing, grading (cut and fill), drainage, erosion control and relocation of the existing localizer antenna to meet the FAA grading criteria.  The existing MALSR on each runway was modified to accommodate the necessary grading.   In addition, a paved airside service road was constructed as part of the project.

The extensive grading impacted the existing navigational aid systems.  On the south end, the Runway 5R MALSR light bars, Runway 23L localizer antenna, Runway 23L localizer shelter and Runway 23L localizer control cables were impacted.  On the north end, the Runway 23L MALSR light bars, Runway 23L MALSR shelter, Runway 5R localizer antenna, Runway 5R localizer shelter, Runway 5R localizer control cables, the electric deer fence and major control cables for the radar and NAVAIDS controls were impacted.