Rogers Municipal Airport

Construct Parallel Taxiways, Rogers Municipal Airport, Rogers, AR

Delta Airport Consultants was responsible for design and construction phase services on the $4.8 million Construct Parallel Taxiway "B" project at Rogers Municipal Airport. Rogers Municipal Airport is home to a large fleet of corporate aircraft, which includes Bombardier's Global Express. The Airport also serves a significant amount of corporate aircraft traffic daily. Development on the east side of the Airport is currently constrained by US Highway 62 and an Arkansas Missouri Railroad line, and the Airport has developed all of the available space on the east side. As a result, the Airport is looking to the west side of the Airport to continue expansion of their facilities.

Design of the parallel taxiways project included preliminary design of both the east and west side taxiway, as well as a planned northward extension of the runway and parallel taxiways. Delta also prepared a preliminary master drainage plan for the entire airfield as a proactive approach to correcting and improving current airfield drainage problems and avoiding future problems. The dual taxiway system was designed and constructed in multiple phases in order to assist the Owner in competing for FAA discretionary funding.

The design of the mid and south segments of the west side parallel taxiway, Taxiway "B", project was completed in April of 2005, with construction being completed in June of 2006. The project included the construction of nearly 5,100 feet of Group III parallel taxiway and connector taxiways.

At the time of preliminary design, the east side parallel taxiway, Taxiway "A" did not meet the runway/taxiway separation requirements in the Advisory Circular for Approach Category "C", Group III Aircraft. By constructing west side taxiway first, Taxiway "B", it was able to be used for traffic while segments of Taxiway "A" were closed for construction.

Delta Airport Consultants was also responsible for design and construction phase services on the $13.1 million Construct Parallel Taxiway "A" project. Construction of Taxiway "A" was completed over multiple phases, with the first phase commencing in July of 2006. The final phase was completed in October of 2011. The project also included removing segments of old Taxiway "A" over the multiple phases, while minimizing the impacts of construction on the heavy traffic.