Texarkana Regional Airport

Due to expansion constraints to the east, the Texarkana Regional Airport has embarked upon an extensive development program to create a new public access point as well as construction of a new air carrier terminal building and new ARFF facility. Delta is providing design and construction phase services for the new access road, ARFF facility site and the new terminal site. The overall site plan design includes access roads, terminal, concourse, ARFF building, aircraft apron, auto parking and utilities. Project challenges include avoiding a wetland identified within the project area and developing a plan which will support the anticipated growth over the next 20 year period.

The project is divided into four phases and may be further divided for funding flexibility:
Phase 1: Construct Emergency Access Road
Phase 2: ARFF Facility, Phase 1
Phase 3: ARFF Facility, Phase 2
Phase 4: Terminal Site

The terminal development is anticipated to be a multi-phase project which will include the terminal apron, terminal site work, terminal building and the completion of the airport access road.