Relocate Route 645 (Airport Road), Winchester Regional Airport, Winchester, VA

Relocate Route 645 (Airport Road), Winchester Regional Airport, Winchester, VA

Delta provided design, bidding and construction phase services for the Relocation of Route 645 at the Winchester Regional Airport. The project included the relocation of approximately 3,000 feet or Route 645 (Airport Road) towards the Southwest. In addition, Route 728 (Victory Lane) was extended approximately 500 feet to the southwest to meet the relocated Route 645 at a roundabout intersection.

Prior to the relocation, traffic on Airport Road was an obstruction to FAR Part 77 surfaces near the Runway 32 threshold. Relocating the road not only removed the obstructions, but also opened up considerable space for future airport development. Future development is expected to include several hangars as well as increased aircraft apron space, and the relocated road was designed to provide access to this future development.

The geometric layout and other aspects of the roadway design required extensive coordination with the Virginia Department of Transportation. This coordination included projections of future development along the new roads as well as the completion of the State Environmental Review Process (SERP).

The relocated Route 645 section was placed almost entirely in a fill section, while Route 728 was constructed entirely in a cut section. Consequently, drainage was an important aspect of the project. The project also required the relocation of approximately 600 feet of waterline. Impacts to other utilities in the area were successfully avoided.

Construction was phased to maintain through-movements along Route 645 and Victory Lane at all times. Access to Route 645 was also maintained for all of the adjacent land owners throughout construction.