Air Service Forecast


Delta prepared an Air Service Forecast for Eastern Iowa Airport which examined:

  • Industry dynamics and their impact on air service development
  • Impact of the pilot shortage on the target airport’s air service as well as the airports in the extended catchment area
  • Future of Essential Air Service (EAS)
  • Fleet forecast for target airport facility planning
  • Newly redefined “catchment” Area
  • Strategy recommendations on subjects
  • Alternatives to EAS and Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) including multi-modal options
  • Improving public acceptance and appreciation for the local air carrier airport
  • Strategies for addressing the continue fleet evolution of regional airlines
  • Passenger demand forecasts specific to the target airport and generalized for the extended air service region
  • Strategies to maximize air carrier retention rates from the newly defined “catchment” area
  • The role of financial incentives
  • The role of airport rates and charges in airline service decisions

Delta participated in three strategy sessions and multiple forecasts were prepared to answer the many scenarios to be analyzed.  Both five and ten year forecasts were prepared not only for the target airport, but also for those airports comprising the extended catchment area.