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The 30,000 foot perspective…

Our diverse and talented staff possesses a broad base of knowledge about the aviation industry. This comprehensive understanding of the challenges that face airports creates a unique 30,000 foot perspective and allows us to provide a wide array of consulting services to our clients.

As development consultants, our core business requires that we have a full complement of engineers and planners. However, our in-house talent base also includes:

  • Certified Members of the American Association of Airport Executives (a program which tests on a broad airport management curriculum)
  • Former Airport Managers
  • Former FAA and State Transportation Directors
  • Advanced Degree Professionals, including Aviation Management and MBAs
  • Pilots
  • Industry Leaders, including the immediate past chair of ACC, technical panel leaders and members, and conference presenters

This broad base of talent allows us to provide a wide array of consulting services to our clients. We offer:

  • ACRP Projects: Guidebook For Part-Time Airport Policy Makers
  • Airline Lease Negotiation
  • Airport Facility and Service Assessments
  • Airport Rates and Charges
  • Airport Safety Programs Including SMS, Runway Safety, Self-Inspection Programs, Signage and Marking, Project Risk Analysis
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Capital Improvement Planning and Programming
  • Education: Airport 101 Briefings and Short Courses
  • Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Application, Development, and Management Assistance
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Lease Policies
  • Minimum Standards and Rules and Regulations
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Part 139 Consulting And Airport Certification Manual Assistance
  • Passenger Facility Charge Planning
  • Peer Benchmarking Analysis
  • State and System Wide Studies: Instrument Approach Procedures, NAVAIDS, Weather Stations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Military Airfield Electrical Services

Our client base not only includes a diverse mix of commercial service and general aviation airports – ranging from busy hubs in our nation’s transportation system to small facilities seeking to serve the needs of their immediate community, but also military airfields and private facilities, as well as the Transportation Research Board and State Aviation and Transportation Divisions.

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