Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation

A continuation of a 15+ year pavement rehabilitation program, Delta completed the design and construction documents for the rehabilitation of Salisbury-Ocean City: Wicomico Regional Airport’s secondary runway, Runway 5-23. Consisting of pavements from its original 1940’s construction and various asphalt overlays, it was recognized early in the planning process that the best option for the long-term would be full reconstruction.

The design for the reconstruction of the 5,000-foot-long by 100-foot-wide runway included a review of pavement design options, reconstruction of the affected electrical systems to LED lighting, and a review of overall airport geometry to provide conformance with the FAA’s goal of minimizing runway incursions. To provide for bidding flexibility, Delta identified various key locations where projects could begin and end over the three-year programming period. Delta also identified unique components that could be included in each bid to maximize annual funding anticipated.

To reduce the overall project duration, the design was far enough along in September of 2013 that the FAA issued a partial construction grant of over $2 million using year-end recovery funds, a pleasant surprise to all parties involved. Recognizing an opportunity to complete the project, the FAA informed the Airport in December of 2013, that an additional $8 million was available to potentially fully fund the project in one bid cycle. Delta provided construction administrative assistance and full time resident project representation for this $9 million construction project which was completed in 2016.