Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation


Delta is underway with the design, bidding, and construction of this five phase Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation project at Morristown Municipal Airport, one of New York City’s reliever airports. The Airport is located just 27 miles from the Holland Tunnel, and serves significant and meaningful national and international business traffic. The need for minimizing operational impacts at this field cannot be understated.

Delta completed the preliminary engineering portion of the environmental assessment for this $65 million development program. A FONSI was received in April, 2015. Project elements include full width strengthening overlay and keel rehabilitation (nine inch deep mill of the runway center), installation of an asphalt overlay fabric, nine inches of P-401 SP asphalt, rehabilitation of the lateral safety areas to standards, reconstruction of the connector taxiways, realignment of taxiways to meet FAA standards, reconstruction of the Runway 23 MALSR system, rehabilitation of the airfield lighting system, installation of PAPIs for Runways 5 and 23, and regrading of the glide slope stabilization area.

The runway rehabilitation program was initially funded with 100% local funds, which speaks to the importance and extent of the Airport’s service to the New York City area. The phasing and sequencing of this major development program is critical to keeping the Airport open and operational. It is anticipated that the entire program will take 7-10 years.